saphire coast


Australia is one of the most beautiful and diverse continents on this planet, which is what makes it one of the top travel destinations for many tourists. From exploring the wonders of the Great Barrier reef to the rugged and remote outback there is sights to cater for every tourists needs.

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Europe is easily the most diverse and multicultural continent on this planet. Whether you are after the pristine party coasts of Greece and Croatia or the historical pasts of many countries such as England and Germany. Europe is a travelers dream destination and should definitely be on your bucket list.

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South East Asia

South east Asia is definitely my favourite travel destination, and for all you budget travelers it should be yours to. Many countries in Asia allow you to live like a king all while spending next to no money on your travels. Apart from this Asia is also one of the most beautiful and cultural filled places I have ever experienced.

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Africa is the most rugged yet beautiful continents on this planet. From exploring the beautiful coastlines of places such as Mozambique to watching the breathtaking great migration across the Serengeti. Africa should be a dream destination for all travelers.

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North America

North America has many wonderful travel destinations which are just waiting to be explored. From the hustle and bustle of some of the worlds biggest cities to the awe inspiring wilderness of Canada and Alaska. Whatever your taste is, North America has something for everyone.

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South America

South America is full of many breath taking destinations such as the beautiful coasts of Brazil to the ancient Aztec civilizations of the Himalayas. South america is a perfect place for those who wish to travel on a tight budget.

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